§Cluster troubleshooting

§Cluster Split Brain Recovery

Cluster partition is a failure that may occur when running a cluster based application. To recover from this situation ConductR utilizes Akka SBR (Split Brain Recovery). Akka SBR is a part of Akka in the Typesafe Reactive Platform version 15v01p05.

The Akka SBR strategy adopted by ConductR is keep-majority. This strategy ensures when cluster split occurs:

  • The partition which has the majority of the nodes are kept running
  • Other partition(s) which has less than majority of the nodes will have their ConductR process terminated.

Upon cluster split, Akka SBR will terminate the ConductR processes within the partition that does not have majority number of nodes. ConductR will then restart itself and continually attempt to rejoin with the cluster that it had. ConductR is therefore designed to be self-healing.

§Restarting the ConductR Cluster

Restarting the entire ConductR cluster should only be considered in a face of disaster where all nodes have been lost. This restart need to be performed in a sequential order.


  • Remove the seed node and restart the conductr service first on one node:
sudo service conductr stop
sudo rm /usr/share/conductr/conf/seed-nodes
sudo service conductr start

Ensure the ConductR process has been started successfully on this node. This is achieved by issuing the following command where NODE_IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOST is the ip address or hostname of the node:

curl http://${NODE_IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOST}:9005/members
  • When the node has been started successfully, the endpoint will return the following json structure with members field in the payload populated with at least one entry:
    "members": [
            "node": "akka.tcp://conductr@",
            "nodeUid": "-1306973826",
            "roles": [
            "status": "Up"
    "selfNode": "akka.tcp://conductr@",
    "selfNodeUid": "-1306973826",
    "unreachable": []
  • Upon restart, the node will not find any existing seed node due to the fact the seed-nodes file has been removed. Therefore the node will register itself as a seed node in a new cluster.

  • Restart the next node:

sudo service conductr restart
  • Upon restart, this node will attempt to reconnect to last known members of the cluster based on the information stored in the seed-nodes file. The node will persist with the reconnection attempt until they are successful.

  • If the service has been restarted successfully continue with the next node and repeat that until all services has been restarted.

§Notes on the seed-nodes file

  • The address of last known members in the cluster are kept in what we call seed nodes file.
  • The file is located at /usr/share/conductr/conf/seed-nodes.
  • By default ConductR keeps the latest 3 reachable members in the cluster in the seed nodes file.

§Restarting Bundles

§Cluster node termination

If a bundle dies due to a shutdown or crash of the conductr service on a node the bundle will be automatically started on a different node within the ConductR cluster.


  1. An application bundle gets loaded on a 3-node ConductR cluster. By default the bundle will be replicated to all 3 nodes.
  2. We run the bundle on 2 nodes. ConductR decided to start the bundles on node 1 and 2.
  3. Node 1, on which the bundle is running, goes down.
  4. ConductR identifies this change and automatically starts the bundle on the remaining node 3 to keep the scaling factor of 2.
  5. When bringing back node 1 the bundle is automatically loaded to this node, but not started. The scaling factor is kept to 2. The bundles are still running on node 2 and 3.

The application state is not automatically restored by ConductR. When deploying a stateful bundle ensure in your application that the state is getting replicated, e.g. with Akka Distributed Data, Akka Cluster Sharding and Persistence or distributed databases.

§Bundle termination

If a bundle dies of its own accord then ConductR will re-schedule it for execution elsewhere. ConductR strives to attain the scale that has been declared for a bundle (the desired scale is declared when running a bundle).

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