§Setup sbt-conductr

sbt-conductr is a sbt plugin that provides commands in sbt to:

  • Produce a ConductR bundle and bundle configuration
  • Start and stop a local ConductR cluster
  • Manage a ConductR cluster within a sbt session


Docker is required so that you can run the ConductR cluster as if it were running on a number of machines in your network. You won’t need to understand much about Docker for ConductR other than installing it as described in its “Get Started” section. If you are on Windows or Mac then you will become familiar with docker-machine which is a utility that controls a virtual machine for the purposes of running Docker.

The conductr-cli is used to communicate with the ConductR cluster.


Add sbt-conductr to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.conductr" % "sbt-conductr" % "2.3.2")

If your project is using Lagom 1.2.x or a previous version use:

addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.conductr" % "sbt-conductr" % "2.2.7")

This makes several commands available within sbt. We’ll use these commands on the next pages.

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